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About us

Ellicorps is a company that was built on the foundation of making a positive difference in the lives in which we come in contact.  This foundation is what we have built our company philosophy around and what influences our customer focused model.  We understand that your business is not talent mobility but that to move your business forward toward your goals, you have to mobilize your talent….let us help you do that.  By helping you write a corporate mobility policy or just handling all the details, we can get you back to the business of your business!

Ellicorps started in its infancy as a business that focused on high-quality, Broker to Broker Relocation Services.  It quickly became obvious that helping companies get their new talent acclimated as quickly as possible not only increased employee morale and satisfaction but increased corporate success and reduced liability of handling the details of the move that should be left to professionals. Our company is focused on culture, quality, service and innovation and keeping the corporations that we serve constantly informed of any changes in this fast-paced global industry.